How to check for fitting the MT360 fender to a mower

First check the width of the swivel assembly, this will determine the width of the brackets. We have a standard 7” bracket and an 8 ¼” brackets that will fit anything from 7 ¾” to 8 ½”.

Then measure from the ground up to the center of the axel bolt and add 1” to that number, this will be the length of the bracket. For example, if your measurement is 6” add 1” and the bracket length will be 7”. If your measurement is 6 ¼” to 6 ½” add 1” and the bracket length will be 7 ½” and so on.

Look for any interference areas, such as mower deck linkage, mower deck and or anti-skype wheels, anything that will stop the fender from making a full 360-degree turn.

One way to make sure is, once you know the length of the bracket add 3/4” to that number and check from the center of the axel bolt to your closest point to make sure everything will clear. For example, if your bracket is 7 1/2” long add 3/4” then check to the closest point if 8 ¼” clears you are good you know it will fit.

If the measurement looks like it will not fit, then we may have to use a special fender that has been shortened and a rubber flap has been added to help allow the fender to pass these areas. We have a lot of mowers listed with the rubber flap already but if your mower is not listed on our site and you think you need a fender with a rubber flap, please contact us before ordering so we can make sure you get the proper fit.

Understanding the Fender numbers. The ZT stands for zero turn standard fender. The number after the ZT stands for the width of the bracket at the axel bolt. Then there will be a dash and another number this number will be the length of the bracket from the center of the bolt hole.
Examples ZT7 is 7” wide by 7” long, ZT8-7 will be 8” wide by 7” long. The ZT8-7.5 is 8” wide by 7 ½” long bracket.

For questions about your mower and if the MT360 fenders will fit, conact Mike Taylor at Email [email protected] Phone 330-421-7083